Based in Madrid but Working internationally for Brands, Campaigns, Magazines, Movies, Music Videos and more.

Laura Vandall is a Fashion Advisor & Stylist.

As Wardrobe Stylist and Costume Designer, recently she has specialised in Advertising working for production companies such as O Creative Studio, Canada, Iconoclast as well as service production companies such as 24/7, Good Gate & Smile for a diverse range of clients including Spotify, Playboy, Huawei & Virgin Mobile.

As a stylist she did the Nike Campaign ‘Hypergang’, Music Videos for Hinds by Pedro Martin Calero and Photo Editorials for Vogue, Galore, Metal Magazine & Ballad Of. She works consistently with emerging Spanish talent such as Maria Ke Fisherman or Pepa Salazar and has collaborated with international brands such as Lazy Oafs, Asos or Motel Rocks.