Directed by Manson

Produced by Canada

Starring The Madball Squad and friends as themselves

Cinematography by Oriol Barcelona

Music by Steve Lean

Stills Photographer Javi Ruiz


Directed by Héctor Herce

Cinematography by Alejandro Buera

Styling by Laura Vandall & Guillermo Álvarez

Head of Production Lara Rodado

MakeUp Artist Sara Rodríguez

Production Design by Siggy Martínez and Ana Corella


Directed by Quique Santa María


Directed by Ian Schwartz

Produced by Woodgate


Directed by We Are From LA

Agency Iconoclast

Produced by 24/7


Directed by We Are From LA

Agency Iconoclast

Produced by 24/7


Directed by Pedro Martín-Calero

Produced by Colonel Blimp x Canada Barcelona

Executive Producers Paul Weston and Óscar Romagosa

Head of Music Videos Colonel Blimp Richard Grewe

Produced by Corin Taylor & Rob Jelley

Head of Production by Canada: Alba Barneda


Directed by Bob Jeusette

DoP Oriol Barcelona

Produced by Ways & Means x Smile


Produced by Canada

Directed by Chloë Wallace

Executive Producer Óscar Romagosa

Head of Production Alba Barneda

Producer Canada London: Claudia Mallart

Producers Canada: Karen Saurí / Laura Serra


Directed by Chloé Wallace

Directed by Canada

Agency Condé Nast


Directed by Ben Briand

Produced by Moonwalk Films

DoP Rik Zang

Edited by Leo Gatelier

Production Designer Jon Blud

Agency Leo Burnett Paris


Directed by Chloé Wallace

Produced by Canada London


Edited and Directed by Hugo Costa

Art Direction by Andrea Vandall and Laura Vandall

Cinematography by Jorge Roig

Music by Machete


Directed by Tomás Peña

Executive Producer Ilduara Vandall

Cinematography by Javier Díaz

Produced by Miguel Méndez Ilduara Vandall

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Oh heeeeeeeeeey, it's me! Laura Vandall

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I'm a Fashion Advisor and Stylist

I just met you and this is crazy but here's my email:, email me, maybe!

Esp Eng

"Based in Madrid but Working internationally for Brands, Campaigns, Magazines, Movies, Music Videos and more.

Laura Vandall is a Fashion Advisor & Stylist.

As Wardrobe Stylist and Costume Designer, recently she has specialised in Advertising working for production companies such as O Creative Studio, Canada, Iconoclast aswell as service production companies such as 24/7, Good Gate & Smile for a diverse range of clients including Spotify, Playboy, Huawei & Virgin Mobile.

As a stylist she did the Nike Campaign 'Hypergang', Music Videos for Hinds by Pedro Martin Calero and Photo Editorials for Vogue, Galore, Metal Magazine & Ballad Of. She works consistently with emerging Spanish talent such as Maria Ke Fisherman or Pepa Salazar and has collaborated with international brands such as Lazy Oafs, ASOS or Motel Rocks."

Brays Efe (Journalist and Actor)

"Actualmente en Madrid pero trabajando internacionalmente para marcas, campañas, revistas, películas, videoclips y más.

Laura Vandall, Fashion Advisor & Stylist, llegó a Madrid para estudiar Diseño de Moda en IADE y, de paso, conquistó la capital.

En la última temporada se ha especializado como jefa de vestuario en publicidad para productoras como Canadá, tanto en España como en UK, Iconoclast (con los realizadores We are from LA), Good Gate o 24/7 y para clientes como Spotify, Playboy, Huawei o Virgin Mobile.

Como estilista ha hecho la campaña "Hypergang" de Nike, videoclips de artistas como Hinds o Shura, y editoriales de foto y vídeo para medios como Vogue España, Galore, Metal Magazine o Ballad Of. Ha trabajado con varios diseñadores emergentes españoles como María Ke Fisherman o Pepa Salazar y ha colaborado con otras marcas internacionales como Lazy Oafs, Asos o Motel Rocks. Vamos, para que nos entendamos... que mola bastante."

Brays Efe (Periodista y actor)

Esp Eng
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